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600KW Super Fast Ev Charger charging system cooling modules fast charging CCS2 CCS1 GB/T

Product Details:
Place of Origin: sichuan
Brand Name: Xidao
Certification: CE
Model Number: XD-DC-600KW
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1
Price: negotiate
Packaging Details: Wooden case packaging
Delivery Time: 30 work days
Payment Terms: T/T
Supply Ability: 500 per month

Detail Information

Product Number: DC 600KW Charger Product Type: Split DC Charging Station
Dimensions(H*W*D)(MM): 2183*1163*1056.4 (main Cabinet), 1670*692*392 (sub-cabinet) Display Method: 7 Inch Color Touch Screen
AC Input Voltage Range (V): 380±15%, 3phase+N+PE AC Input Frequency (Hz): 45~66Hz
Power Factor: ≥0.99 DC Output Voltage Range (V): 200-1000Vdc
DC Output Current (A): Fast Guns 0~200A (single Gun) Liquid-cooled Guns:0~800A

Product Description



GB/T 600 KW Commercial EV Charger Fast Charger Liquid-Cooled Supercharging Station


At present, the GB20234.3-2015 standard specifies the charging gun, the matching cable has an outer diameter of about 40mm, a soft core cross-sectional area of 70m㎡, and a nominal maximum bearing capacity of 250A. However, in actual use, the heat generated by the copper wire of the cable cannot show a good heat dissipation effect. In order to ensure the safe operation of the entire charging system, the charging pile control system will limit the charging current according to the temperature to achieve stable operation.
In order to keep up with the growing demand of pure electric vehicles, building high-power DC charging piles has become a mandatory requirement, with an output current between 300A-600A, allowing high-power pure electric vehicles to be fully charged within 15-20 minutes. Common charging piles cannot meet this technical requirement.
The liquid-cooled super charging pile is equipped with a liquid-cooled charging system, adding liquid-cooled charging guns, liquid-cooled cables, cooling modules and other systems. The outer diameter of the control cable is 39mm, which can realize high current charging of 600A or even 800A. The temperature is controlled below 55°C, it is safe and light, and can achieve the purpose of fast charging for large electric vehicles.


Product Introduction


The 600kwI liquid-cooled fast charging pile is a system that integrates smart charging and advertising services. mainly include
1. Intelligent control host: intelligent control and intelligent distribution
2. Liquid-cooled charging pile: Equipped with a liquid-cooled charging gun with a maximum power of 600KW, it is specially designed for fast charging of high-power vehicles and can be fully charged for 15 minutes. It follows a first-come, first-served basis.
3. Air-cooled charging pile. 4. Single gun, minimum 60KW, maximum 180KW configuration.
4. Advertising screen: large intelligent screen, which can remotely control advertising playback and increase advertising revenue at toll stations.
During the waiting time for charging, it happens to be a good time for ad placement. When more charging piles are built, their advertising effect will become better and better.
This kind of advertising screen can be formed separately or integrated with the charging pile.



Technical parameters

Product number

DC 600KW Charging Station

Product type

Split DC charging station


2183*1163*1056.4 (main cabinet), 1670*692*392 (sub-cabinet)

Display method

7 inch color touch screen

AC input voltage range (V)

380±15%, 3phase+N+PE

AC input frequency (Hz)


Power Factor


Current Harmonics (THDI)



≥96% (full load)

DC output voltage range (V)


Constant power output voltage range (V)


Output power(KW)


DC output current (A)

Fast guns 0~200A (single gun)

Liquid-cooled guns:0~800A

Charging gun length (m)


Noise (dB)


charging operation

Swipe /scan code

Running instructions

power, charging, failure

Thermal control

air cooling

BMS Auxiliary Power (V)


power distribution

Equalization / Smart Distribution / Switching

Altitude (m)


Working temperature(℃)


Storage temperature (℃)


average relative humidity


Protective function

Lightning protection, overload, short circuit over temperature, leakage, emergency stop protection, etc.

Charging options

Bring your own, timed, quantitative, fixed fee, appointment, etc.

payment method


Communication Interface

Standard CAN, Ethernet, RS485, RS232, GPRS,OCPP

Degree of protection/housing material

Outdoor IP54/Sheet Metal Enclosure

product description

1. Friendly visual interface, various information display, prompt information, IC card information, etc.;

2. The electric energy collection system and the cost measurement system provide money-making consumption records, which can be paid by IC card;

3. When the electric vehicle is charged, the battery will automatically stop when it is fully charged, and the user will be reminded by a warning light;

4. When there is overvoltage, undervoltage, short circuit and connection failure, the charging will automatically stop, and an alarm will be given with a warning light;

5. Industrial grade design, good temperature adaptability, long use time, protection grade IP54;

6. The split type DC charger is composed of a rectifier cabinet and a charging terminal, which can be flexibly configured according to application scenarios;

7. This product adopts intelligent flexible charging mode, which can improve the utilization rate of equipment and reduce the comprehensive investment cost, and is suitable for medium and large charging stations;

8. The whole product chain charging pile production mode ensures the reliability of the hardware and the free distribution of power, saving site space.


600KW Super Fast Ev Charger  charging system cooling modules fast charging CCS2 CCS1 GB/T 0

600KW Super Fast Ev Charger  charging system cooling modules fast charging CCS2 CCS1 GB/T 1


600KW Super Fast Ev Charger  charging system cooling modules fast charging CCS2 CCS1 GB/T 2



600KW Super Fast Ev Charger  charging system cooling modules fast charging CCS2 CCS1 GB/T 2



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