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Company News About Ten minutes of charging may become the standard in the electric vehicle industry?
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Ten minutes of charging may become the standard in the electric vehicle industry?

Latest company news about Ten minutes of charging may become the standard in the electric vehicle industry?

latest company news about Ten minutes of charging may become the standard in the electric vehicle industry?  0

If electric vehicles can also replenish a large amount of energy in a few minutes like fuel vehicles, so that the vehicle can continue to travel hundreds of kilometers, the so-called range anxiety will disappear. Therefore, the charging method of electric vehicles has undergone a transition from slow charging, fast charging to overcharging. Higher cruising range and faster charging methods will be the future development direction of electric vehicles.


Therefore, news about the development of electric vehicle fast charging technology is often reported in the newspapers. In 2020, San Francisco-based startup Ample launched a charging network that it claims can fully charge an electric car in 10 minutes. This year, Dr. Rachid Yazami, famous for inventing the graphite anode in lithium-ion batteries, said that we charged a high-density battery in 10 minutes, seven times faster than Tesla's 70 minutes .


Everyone mentioned the concept of fully charging in ten minutes. In fact, in order to meet the needs of car owners and a sense of fast experience, this is also the pursuit of many car companies. Last year, Toyota announced that it will launch a 500-kilometer battery life model in 2021, which can be charged from empty to full in 10 minutes; Huawei also pointed out in the communication meeting that energy digitalization is the future trend, as the energy industry gradually Going digital and charging in 10 minutes will greatly improve efficiency.


. The liquid-cooled supercharger series adopts advanced thermal management concepts and cutting-edge electronic circuit technology to achieve liquid-cooling cooling treatment for the charging gun, which can enable the vehicle to be fully charged within 10 minutes with a current of up to 600A, which not only solves the problem of high-power charging charging guns The problem of heat dissipation, and the problem of noise disturbance of charging piles is improved, which greatly improves the application prospects of new energy vehicles.

Charging for ten minutes may become the standard in the electric vehicle industry.” After all, the longer and longer battery life can effectively improve the single cruising range of electric vehicles, but the battery life is ultimately limited, and charging is required to replenish energy anyway. Only The faster the charging speed, the better the user's charging experience can be.


Chengdu Xiangdao has been deeply involved in the charging industry for many years, dabbling in the national standard and European standard AC and DC chargers, with an independent research and development platform, using the whole industry chain charging pile to produce modules, the products are safe and reliable, and the technology is mature and stable. The 480KW split type supercharged liquid-cooled pile and the 180KW one-piece supercharged liquid-cooled pile have been developed successively, and other models of the series will be launched in the future. From liquid cooling source, liquid cooling gun to liquid cooling charging module, etc., we have overcome difficulties all the way, forged ahead, and achieved a series of achievements. In the future, we will work hard to reduce costs and improve efficiency, and strive to popularize and popularize super-filled liquid-cooled piles.

In addition, Chengdu Xiangdao has also developed a charging treasure for the automobile industry, which allows the charger to be attached to the wings and fly freely, which solves the problem of car owners’ lack of electricity and throws sights halfway, and realizes the takeaway of the charging industry. These include 7KW, 10KW, 21KW, 42KW, 84KW and other national and European standard AC charging piles, 60KW, 90KW, 120KW, 180KW, 240KW integrated DC charging piles, 240KW, 360KW, 480KW split-type piles.


Chengdu Elephant Road is an intelligent manufacturing enterprise with a whole industry chain. Self-developed advanced controllers and intelligent IoT cloud platforms provide a full set of station construction solutions and efficient operation and maintenance services for charging facility operators. It has achieved a full range of services from charging station production and after-sales service, related technical support and training, as well as providing preliminary new site survey, planning, mapping, construction guidance, and solution solutions.