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Company News About One step ahead High-power liquid-cooled supercharge technology promotes the development of the whole industry
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One step ahead High-power liquid-cooled supercharge technology promotes the development of the whole industry

Latest company news about One step ahead High-power liquid-cooled supercharge technology promotes the development of the whole industry

In 2020, the China Electricity Council announced a new standard for high-power fast charging, the supercharging standard, jointly developed by China and Japan. With the continuous expansion of the new energy vehicle market, consumers have higher and higher requirements for charging convenience. In order to meet the charging needs in more different scenarios and improve the use efficiency of charging piles, ultra-large fast charging technology has once again become the focus of attention in the industry. DC high-power charging has become an inevitable trend in the future development of the new energy vehicle industry.


According to the latest data, the number of new energy vehicles and charging facilities that meet the 2015 version of the national standard is about 4.5 million and 1.52 million, respectively. At the current stage, the charging power range of public charging facilities is mainly concentrated between 60kW and 180kW, and the charging time is 0.5 to 2 hours. With the continuous increase of vehicle mileage, some users have an urgent need for higher power and faster charging, and hope that the charging time can be shortened to 20 minutes or even shorter. Wang Binggang, head of the national new energy vehicle innovation engineering expert group, further pointed out that there are three main application scenarios for fast charging. The first is for private electric vehicles that need to be charged at public charging stations for various reasons, such as when traveling long distances or temporarily finding that there is not enough power and no Cars with charging conditions in parking spaces; secondly, operating vehicles with a long daily mileage, including rental, tourism, logistics, and online car-hailing; the third is buses. On the whole, for the consideration of long-distance travel and operating vehicles, a certain number of super fast charging piles should be deployed in public charging piles to meet the corresponding needs.


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In fact, car companies have seen market demand in advance and actively began to deploy accordingly. Liu Kai, director of the Technology and Certification Department of the China Charging Alliance, said that many car companies are currently developing fast-charging models, including Geely Krypton, GAC Aian, BYD, Great Wall Motor, and Tesla. At this year's Shanghai Auto Show, all Kia EV6 models support 400V and 800V charging, and the latest 800V high-voltage platform of Hyundai IonIQ 5 supports ultra-high-power charging up to 350kW. Dongfeng's Lantu Automobile recently announced that it is developing a super fast charging based on the ultra-high voltage platform. technology. At the same time, parts suppliers have also released product plans to support fast charging. In addition to the Ningde era that has previously announced fast charging technology, Honeycomb Energy has released new fast charging technology and corresponding batteries for the first time at this year's Shanghai Auto Show. The second-generation 4C fast charging core has a capacity of 165Ah and an energy density of more than 260Wh/kg. It only takes 10 minutes to achieve a SOC (state of charge) of 20% to 80%; Schaeffler's new motor series products can also achieve a voltage level of 48 ~800V, power level 15~300kW and above are fully covered. Not long ago, Ouyang Minggao, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, pointed out at a seminar organized by the Electric Vehicle Hundred People's Association that to solve the worries of charging, fast charging technology with higher power is needed. Super fast charging is the general trend, and the industry needs to promote the adoption of ≥800V electric vehicles. Higher voltage platform. Ouyang Minggao emphasized that for private passenger cars, based on the development prospects of vehicle-network integration and high-power fast charging technology and the trend of integrated battery-chassis design, I am more optimistic about charging. According to the research of Ouyang Minggao's team, it is completely feasible to charge a car with a cruising range of 600 kilometers for 200 kilometers in 5 minutes. Compared with the slow charging, the convenient and efficient fast charging charging pile is obviously more in line with the appetite of consumers, and it has also become the focus of competition between car companies and charging pile companies. Ji Xuehong, professor of North China University of Technology and director of the Automotive Industry Innovation Center, believes that the research and development and popularization of high-power charging technology has become one of the important factors to promote the progress and development of the industry. For example, the power of the fast charging pile of the State Grid has reached 160kW; BAIC, which is active in new energy vehicles, has recently launched a high-power charging pile with a power of 150kW; and among foreign companies, Tesla uses the second-generation supercharger. The fast charging power has reached 350kW, and the charging power of Porsche can reach 450kW. Some car companies are already actively leading the construction of fast-charging charging piles according to the promotion plan of high-power fast-charging models. For example, the charging gun developed by GAC Juwan Technology Research Institute based on the 2015 version of the national standard and adding a liquid cooling system supports a maximum current of 600A, the maximum voltage of the charging module supports 1000VDC, and the power output of the charging pile is not less than 480kW, and can be upgraded to 600kW. At a charging rate of 6C, the charging time from 30% to 80% is only 5 minutes. Gu Huinan, general manager of GAC Aian, also said that if you want to charge 1,000 kilometers in 8 minutes, you need to build high-power fast charging piles. It is technically possible, but the cost is high. We will promote it at a rhythm.


Therefore, the traditional air-cooling technology has long been unable to meet the heat dissipation requirements for charging piles with hundreds of kilowatts of power, and liquid-cooling technology has become the most reliable solution at present. Chengdu Xiangdao successfully developed a 500kW liquid-cooled super fast charging pile in 2021. This means that a new energy vehicle charged with this product can be charged from 0 to 80% within 10 minutes at the fastest. In fact, the principle of liquid cooling technology is not difficult to understand. A special circulation channel is set between the cable and the charging gun, and the cooling liquid for heat dissipation is added to the channel, and the liquid circulation can be pushed by the power pump to take out the heat. Liquid-cooled cables are currently the most widely used. Compared with ordinary cables, they can conduct electricity while dissipating heat with coolant. But the difference between liquid cooling and air cooling is that its sealing must be done well, because once the pipeline leaks, it is easy to cause the cooling system to fail. In addition, liquid cooling can also reduce the diameter of the cable, and ultimately make the charging equipment lighter. Therefore, in terms of technical paths, the technical paths of charging station manufacturers are basically the same, and the charging piles that are as cool and fast as possible are produced.


Chengdu Xiangdao researches high-power liquid-cooled charging technology. With the continuous advancement of the R&D team, the product has undergone several structural upgrades and improved reliability and performance. In October 2020, Ruisu's high-power liquid-cooled charging system (including charging piles, charging guns, high-voltage wiring harnesses, connectors, charging bases, busbars, and debugging kits) entered the real vehicle testing stage, and has already cooperated with many passenger car companies. Jointly do real vehicle verification. Xiangdao high-power liquid-cooled charging pile is a DC charging device for the future charging system. It can also match the 2015 national standard charging gun. Under the condition of cooling, the charging current is as high as 600A and the voltage is 1000V. On the premise that the vehicle battery can withstand In theory, it can achieve the goal of charging to 80% in 10 minutes at the fastest. It can effectively solve the problem of charging time for long-range mileage vehicles, rental, logistics, network-hailing operation vehicles, mega-city buses, and expressway vehicles. At present, this product has been supplied in batches. In order to meet customer needs for a long time and focus on the development trend of new energy electric vehicle technology, Ruisu takes high-voltage and high-current charging as the core research and development power to provide new energy vehicles with complete high-voltage, high-power fast The overall solution of the charging system.


In the future, Xiangdao will make every effort to promote the technological development of high-power liquid-cooled charging piles. In order to relieve users' anxiety about charging, it will continue to improve in terms of charging power, safety, and applicability. On the one hand, it provides technical exploration and practical experience for the formulation of my country's high-power fast charging development path and related standards; on the other hand, it comprehensively assists the rapid development of China's electric vehicle industry and contributes to the realization of China's grand goal of becoming an automobile power. the power of.