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Company News About One-piece dual-gun independent air duct DC charging station
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One-piece dual-gun independent air duct DC charging station

Latest company news about One-piece dual-gun independent air duct DC charging station

In the past two years, the charging pile industry, which has been advancing rapidly, has entered a period of industry reshuffle. At present, most of the charging pile enterprises that have been out of the market are small and medium-sized enterprises with insufficient capital strength or too aggressive expansion, but the life of the leading enterprises is not easy. The neck, the low utilization rate of charging piles, and too many constraints on the operation of charging stations, etc., the common problem is that it is too difficult to make a profit. Faced with a brutal knockout before making a profit, this is the embarrassment faced by many companies attracted by the so-called "trillion" market in the charging pile industry.


At present, some of the companies that are out of the game and those that are facing out of the game are speculative companies that have no technology and no funds. Looking at the charging pile industry, they want to find a fish in troubled waters. question. After the fierce market competition, one or two giant companies will eventually be formed. After mergers and reorganizations, the industry will eventually enter the era of oligopolistic competition. In such a vicious competition environment, there is such a company, which took less than 3 years to become a well-known enterprise in the new energy industry and ushered in its "highway".


Chengdu Xiangdao Technology Co., Ltd. focuses on providing professional solutions for intelligent IoT cloud platform, electric vehicle charging business and electric vehicle charging station operation services.


Although Xiangdao Technology is a rising star, it has transformed and upgraded from the previous manufacturing industry to the current new energy industry, but its previous manufacturing foundation has made it a full-industry chain charging pile production, manufacturing, sales and operation enterprise. After 3 years of development, the company has become stronger and stronger, with many R&D personnel and strong product innovation capabilities.


In 2021, the situation of the new energy industry will change, and there will be many losers. It can be said that it is a cold winter for the industry, but Xiangdao Technology has maintained stable revenue growth and bloomed enthusiastically in the cold winter.

To explore behind the success of Xiangdao Technology after its transformation and upgrading from a manufacturing industry to a new energy industry, it is not difficult to find that in the initial period of savage growth, Ruispeed Intelligence has always maintained high innovation, and at the same time, the customer's requirements are the company's standard. Criteria, quality is the foundation, and after-sales is the guarantee. With the continuous development and use of charging piles, customers have higher and higher requirements for quality, and the long-term high-quality performance has gained a batch of customers and industry reputation for Ruisu Intelligent. It is the charging pile supplier and strategic partner of many well-known operating companies such as Didi Xiaoju Charge, Wancheng Wancharge, and Midea Infore Environment. Continue to increase investment in research and development, aiming to improve its own innovation ability and win the market with high-quality products.


The output voltage range of this independent air duct DC charging pile is DC200V~1000V, and the maximum output current can reach 250A, which can provide constant full power output for buses, logistics vehicles and cars. The biggest highlight of this charging pile product is its unique charging pile system design. The charging pile no longer needs to be waterproofed separately for the charging module, nor does it need to install AC contactors, dustproof cotton, exhaust fans and other components. It can be completely dustproof, waterproof, anti-salt spray and anti-condensation, and the module is maintenance-free.


Xiangdao Technology focuses on the overall solution of electric vehicle charging system. In order to better solve the industry pain point problem of frequent charging failures due to environmental factors, after many researches and investigations, we finally designed and developed this integrated dual-gun independent air duct DC charging pile . According to the requirements of GB/T 18487.1, the protection level of charging piles installed outdoors shall not be lower than IP54. However, the charging modules used in the charging piles on the market generally adopt the "direct ventilation" heat dissipation mode, and the protection level is generally IP20. However, the electronic components are seriously heated, and high-speed fans are required for forced air cooling, and the components are in contact with the external air for a long time. , Due to dust blockage, salt spray corrosion, rain and condensation, etc., the charging module fails frequently. We believe that the protection level of the charging module should be higher than the IP54 protection level of the charging pile. Therefore, the electronic components are completely sealed and designed with independent air ducts for heat dissipation. In this way, the charging module can completely avoid dust, Problems such as salt spray and condensation have reached a maintenance-free state and greatly improved operational efficiency. If the heat dissipation, dustproof, waterproof and other aspects of the charging module can be designed, and the core components of the charging pile can be protected, it will not only help reduce the incentives for the frequent failure rate of the charging pile, but also reduce the maintenance cost of the charging operator. It is beneficial to prolong the service life of the charging pile and improve the operation efficiency. The service life of charging pile modules on the market is generally 1-3 years, and some charging piles in harsh environments can only last for 3 months.


If the charging station adopts an integrated dual-gun independent air duct DC charging pile, the service life of the core module is expected to increase to more than 5 years. Compared with products designed in traditional air-cooled mode, the use of this product can make the system design of charging piles more concise and can greatly reduce production costs and maintenance costs. In the future, DC charging piles are designed with independent air duct charging piles for environmental protection. And heat dissipation is bound to become a new mainstream trend. It's not spring, a hundred flowers bloom and spring is full of gardens.


As a leader in the charging pile industry, Xiangdao Technology not only hopes that it can have excellent product quality and high innovation, but also hopes that other domestic brother manufacturers can join forces and contribute to China's new energy. .


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