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Company News About Be innovative! Chinese charging station manufacturer going global
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Be innovative! Chinese charging station manufacturer going global

Latest company news about Be innovative! Chinese charging station manufacturer going global

latest company news about Be innovative! Chinese charging station manufacturer going global  0

In the 21st century, the oil resource crisis and the harm of global warming are becoming more and more serious. In order to cope with energy and environmental challenges, the world's major countries and automakers have developed clean and environmentally friendly new energy vehicles, especially electric vehicles. It has become a widespread consensus and concern. Strategic focus, the world auto industry has entered a period of comprehensive upgrading. As of June 2019, the total global sales of new energy vehicles was 6.3774 million. Similar to China, India, which also relies on oil imports and suffers from severe smog, has, without exception, opted for the development route of new energy vehicles for the transformation and upgrading of its auto industry. India became the first country to propose a timetable for the exit of gasoline vehicles, with an ambitious plan to make all new passenger cars in India electric vehicles by 2030. India hopes to use this to become one of the world's central markets for the manufacture of electric vehicles. The Indian government also announced incentives for electric vehicles, cutting electric vehicle production taxes and creating incentives for companies that manufacture lithium batteries and charging infrastructure. The government has indicated that it will invest 10 billion rupees (about 1 billion yuan) to subsidize the construction of charging piles, and plans to build 1,000 charging stations across the country, especially in Delhi, Chandigarh, Delhi, Mumbai and Mumbai, Surat, Pulau A charging station will be built every 25 kilometers on major highways in the region to accelerate the realization of India's electric vehicle development plan.


The reason why Xiangdao Technology's products are appreciated by Indian friends is that thanks to its in-depth efforts in technology research and development and product innovation, it has formed an industry-leading overall solution for electric vehicle charging systems. Since this year, Xiangdao Technology has launched a flagship product - a new one-piece dual-gun independent air duct DC charging pile. The output voltage range of this independent air duct DC charging pile is DC200V~1000V, and the maximum output current can reach 250A. It can be used for constant full power charging for various models such as buses, logistics vehicles, and cars. In order to better solve the problem Due to the frequent industry pain points such as charging failures caused by environmental factors, after many researches and investigations, this integrated dual-gun independent air duct DC charging pile was finally designed and developed. The performance indicators of charging piles are in a maintenance-free state, which not only effectively reduces the incentives for the frequent failure rate of charging piles, reduces the maintenance cost of charging operators, but also helps to prolong the service life of charging piles and improve operational efficiency. In the future, the design of DC charging piles with independent air duct charging piles for environmental protection and heat dissipation will definitely become a new mainstream trend.


For many years, Xiangdao Technology has focused on providing professional solutions for intelligent IoT cloud platform, electric vehicle charging business and electric vehicle charging station operation services. To explore behind the success of Xiangdao Technology's transformation and upgrading from traditional manufacturing to an excellent enterprise in the new energy industry, it is not difficult to find that Xiangdao Technology has always maintained a high level of innovation. In order to ensure continuous increase in R&D investment, we aim to improve our own innovation ability and win the market with high-quality products. Under the environment of people's increasing environmental awareness and strong support and encouragement from governments around the world, people's recognition of electric vehicles has gradually increased, and electric vehicles have increasingly become a world trend. For the Chinese charging facility enterprises that have stood out in the construction of the world's largest charging network, they should play a more active role and play a more important role in the construction of the global charging network. The Chinese charging station manufacturing enterprises represented by Xiangdao Technology, At this time, go abroad and go to the world!