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Latest Company Case About Milong charging station project
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Milong charging station project

 Latest company case about Milong charging station project

The project site is located in Guangzhou, China, and is used to solve the parking and charging needs of consumers in commercial complexes.


The project is mainly based on DC commercial charging piles, equipped with DC fast charging piles to meet the needs of fast charging. The charging terminal adopts the DC integrated machine or one machine (charger) tow multiple guns (charging gun) technology, and the outdoor charging facilities should meet the waterproof requirements. The power module sharing technology is adopted to solve the multi-vehicle group charging to solve the charging compatibility problem of different models, and effectively improve the utilization rate of the power module. Based on license plate recognition parking billing system, central charging system, self-service payment system, vehicle guidance system, and reverse car search system, it realizes the sharing of commercial consumption, personnel, and parking space information, and improves resource utilization.


The project is equipped with a total of 20 sets (sets) of 60KW dual-gun DC chargers. At the same time, the charging station is designed with power distribution room, control motor, charger background management system, security monitoring system, monitoring room and other facilities.




1. Multiple accounts and flexible settlement methods


2. Quick after-sales response, can provide excellent technicians, tools and spare parts and ensure that the provided contact information is unblocked


3. High charging efficiency, and equipped with protection circuit, with overload, no-load power failure and short circuit, leakage protection functions


4. The system is simple, easy to understand, small footprint, easy to install, easy to operate and use

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