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Latest Company Case About International Toys and Gifts City Project
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International Toys and Gifts City Project

 Latest company case about International Toys and Gifts City Project

The project is located in Guangzhou Toys and Gifts City, China, and is suitable for the parking needs of consumers in large commercial complexes. The DC charger can be connected to the charging background through the wireless communication module, so as to maximize the utilization rate of the charging equipment and solve the fast charging demand of consumers. The DC charger can automatically distribute the output power according to the charging demand to improve the overall charging efficiency. Meet the charging requirements of all models and different powers, dynamically match the required charging power for the electric vehicles connected to any terminal; in the future, it can meet the needs of high-power fast charging of electric vehicles, avoiding equipment upgrades or re-construction of charging stations the resulting repetitive inputs;




1. Five-speed switching, reducing energy consumption, improving the efficiency of the charging module, more reasonable power distribution, more stable power switching, and finer granularity.

2. Intelligent scheduling, using intelligent charging module, has the outstanding advantages of high power, high power density, high power factor, high efficiency, low harmonics, and high degree of intelligence, especially suitable for high-power charging of electric vehicles in public transportation.

3. Friendly visual interface, various information display, prompt information, IC card information, etc.;

4. The electric energy collection system and the cost measurement system provide the record of making money and consumption, which can be paid by IC card, WeChat, etc.;

5. When the electric vehicle is charged, the battery will stop automatically when the battery is fully charged, and the user will be reminded by a warning light;

6. When there is overvoltage, undervoltage, short circuit, leakage and connection failure, the charging will stop automatically, and the indicator will alarm;

7. Industrial grade design, good temperature adaptability, long use time, protection grade IP54;

8. This product adopts the intelligent flexible charging mode, which can improve the utilization rate of equipment and reduce the comprehensive investment cost, and dynamically allocate the charging power according to the charging demand issued by the BMS of the charging vehicle.

9. Highly integrated: a highly integrated system integrating power conversion, dynamic power distribution, station-level monitoring, orderly charging management, new energy power generation and energy storage system access, cooling control, and integrated wiring;

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