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Latest Company Case About Hilton Hotel Charging Station Project
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Hilton Hotel Charging Station Project

 Latest company case about Hilton Hotel Charging Station Project

The project site is located in Guangzhou, China, and is used to solve the parking and charging needs of hotel guests. The project is mainly based on DC commercial charging piles, equipped with a large number of DC fast charging piles to meet the needs of fast charging. The charging facilities of the charging station adopt group management and group control and active protection technology, which can effectively improve the charging safety and prolong the battery life. According to user needs, various schemes such as scanning charging, card swiping charging, dispatching room centralized control, etc. can be selected, which can realize unattended operation.


The project's 60kW one-machine two-gun electric vehicle fast charger meets high-performance requirements such as multi-circuit output and intelligent switching, and has the advantages of fast charging and small footprint.



1. The connection confirmation function, when it is detected that the charging gun head and the gun base are correctly connected, the charging machine is allowed to start charging.

2. The monitoring information is rich, and the status of communication, charging operation and battery is displayed in real time through the man-machine interface.

3. High charging efficiency, and equipped with protection circuit, with overload, no-load power failure and short circuit, leakage protection functions

4. The system is simple, easy to understand, small footprint, easy to install, easy to operate and use


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