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Latest Company Case About Guangzhou parking and charging station project
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Guangzhou parking and charging station project

 Latest company case about Guangzhou parking and charging station project

This project is used to solve the parking needs of consumers in commercial complexes and occasions where there are many concentrated parking spaces. The solution of the intelligent parking lot system in the commercial center, mainly AC commercial charging piles, slow charging and then a small amount of DC fast charging to meet the needs of fast charging. It can meet the charging needs of new energy electric vehicles, and truly realize flexible adaptation. During the day, it can quickly charge according to the charging needs of electric vehicles to reduce the charging time. At night, it can charge multiple vehicles with low power at the same time, and use the charging during the valley period to reduce the charging cost.



1. The charger has the function of communicating with the electric vehicle battery management system. After successfully shaking hands with the BMS, it obtains the charging parameters and real-time charging data of the electric vehicle battery system, and dynamically adjusts the output according to the real-time demand of the BMS.

2. Core competitiveness, meet the charging requirements of all models and different powers, and dynamically match the charging power required for the electric vehicle connected to any terminal; in the future, it can meet the needs of high-power fast charging of electric vehicles and avoid equipment upgrades Duplicate inputs resulting from retrofitting or re-construction of charging stations;

3. Air-conditioning refrigeration, using air-conditioning refrigeration technology, greatly reduces the operating temperature in the box, and ensures zero-fault operation in high temperature environments.

4. Strong expansibility. With the increase of battery charging rate and the increase of charging power demand, the corresponding charging module can be expanded to meet the charging demand.

5. Energy-saving and high-efficiency, using high-efficiency modules, the efficiency reaches more than 96%, and it can work in the best load rate range.

6. Intelligent scheduling, using intelligent charging module, has the outstanding advantages of high power, high power density, high power factor, high efficiency, low harmonics, and high degree of intelligence, especially suitable for high-power charging of electric vehicles in public transportation;

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