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Latest Company Case About Canton Tower Charging Station
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Canton Tower Charging Station

 Latest company case about Canton Tower Charging Station

The project is located not far from the Canton Tower in China, and consumers have a lot of parking and charging needs. The charging station solves the needs of consumers for parking and charging and occasions where there are many concentrated parking spaces. The Canton Tower has a long running time, and the DC charger can meet the needs of consumers for fast charging, and has an intelligent cloud platform management system, which greatly meets the needs of the construction and operation of charging stations. The charging terminal adopts the DC integrated machine or one machine (charger) tow multiple guns (charging gun) technology, and the outdoor charging facilities meet the waterproof requirements. The power module sharing technology is adopted to solve the multi-vehicle group charging to solve the charging compatibility problem of different models, and effectively improve the utilization rate of the power module. The charging facilities of the charging station adopt group management and group control and active protection technology, which can effectively improve the charging safety and prolong the battery life. According to user needs, various schemes such as scanning charging, card swiping charging, dispatching room centralized control, etc. can be selected, which can realize unattended operation.



1. Energy-saving and high-efficiency, using high-efficiency modules, the efficiency reaches more than 96%, and it can work in the best load rate range.

2. Friendly visual interface, various information display, prompt information, IC card information, etc.;

3. When there is overvoltage, undervoltage, short circuit, leakage and connection failure, the charging will stop automatically, and the indicator will alarm;

4. Industrial grade design, good temperature adaptability, long use time, protection grade IP65, built-in air conditioner;

5. The whole industry chain charging pile production mode ensures the reliability of the hardware.

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6. Flexible charging, dynamically allocate charging power according to the charging demand issued by the charging vehicle BMS, thereby improving the utilization rate of charging equipment. 7. Highly integrated: a highly integrated system integrating power conversion, dynamic power distribution, station-level monitoring, orderly charging management, new energy power generation and energy storage system access, cooling control, and integrated wiring;